Assistance with loan applications

Business Loan Applications

The requirements for applying for a business loan can be daunting and can be made even more so if you don’t have the personnel or time to concentrate your full efforts on the task. Sadly, it’s not uncommon for some businesses or organisations, particularly smaller operations, to come to the conclusion that in the end the amount of paperwork and documentation required means it’s not worth the effort, and give up.

However, having worked with businesses in the finance industry for more than 27 years, I am ideally placed to guide you through this complex and sometimes intimidating process, and to get your application ready for submission to your financial institution with minimal fuss.




I take the pressure and workload off of you and your staff and in so doing ensure that your business loan application meets the requirements of your financial institution, so you save time. money and have your application completed efficiently and accurately.

Having spent my career working with and for a variety of businesses, I have unique insight into how different industries and sectors operate and know what financial institutions are looking for when they consider a business loan application.

As part of this process, I can prepare all of the necessary documentation, whether it’s a business plan, organisational charts, cashflow forecasting, or anything else that will help you to secure the funding that you need to grow.

So if you’ve ever been put off applying for a loan or finance, either because of the paperwork demands or because you don’t fully understand what banks and other financial institutions are looking for, I am here to help.