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Is your business missing out on funding?
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Are you stressed out when preparing your Business’s business plan, budgets and cashflow reports?
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Patty Dollery

Experienced finance professional, partnering with small to medium businesses to access Government grants

There are two key aspects to making a successful application for a grant: knowing where to look and what is available; and having the time and expertise to ensure that your application has the best possible chance of being successful.

As a specialist, I have extensive knowledge of the grants system, both in terms of the government departments and other agencies that provide funding and what is required to prepare relevant and useful supporting documentation.

However, making a successful grant application is not simply a paper exercise, so the first step in the process is coming to meet with you and getting to know your business. My whole career has been built on forging successful relationships with a wide variety of businesses and organisations. Getting to know what you do and how you operate is crucial in my being able to present you in the most positive light.

Patty Dollery

I will then work with you to produce and collate the relevant supporting documentation that will be required for your application. My experience in this area means that I am able to get this done quickly and efficiently, with minimal disruption to you and your operations – after all, the quicker you’re able to submit your grant application, the quicker you will know the outcome.

Once the relevant supporting information has been compiled, completing the actual application form(s) for a grant can be quite laborious and time consuming. However, my role is to take this burden off your shoulders. I will submit the application on your behalf, liaise with the relevant agency when necessary and also monitor the progress of your application through the approval process – leaving you free to get on with the day-to-day running of your business.

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